How does your personality affect your social enterprise?

Understanding your personality can help you to play to your strengths and improve the way you run your enterprise.

We all have different ways of working, but often our behaviour comes from subconscious thinking. If you understand how you work best, you can maximise your results. To become the most effective version of yourself make the time to explore your own personality by taking the following two tests:

1. Myers Briggs style personality test (Free link) Myers Briggs Personality Test

Read the description of your personality type on the same website, some of it will resonate with you and some might not (check the percentage of your scores too as this will have a bearing on the accuracy), but hopefully you will find it useful.
Once you have identified your ‘type’ you can then do further reading to understand the way you work. There are books on the different personality types too if you really want to go for it! The test helped me to understand why I do what I do and what I get from it. It also helped me to understand what I don’t like doing and as a result I now get someone else do do our accounts, numbers are not my thing!

2. Buy a new copy of Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath which is about £10.
When your book arrives take the online test using the access code provided. Warning: The questions are timed and the test takes about 20 minutes, so it’s important that you are not disturbed during the test.
The book will give you your top five strengths, and if you know what you are best at then you can start to identify the most efficient way for you to work. For example, perhaps like me you could subcontract out a task you don’t enjoy and is not one of your strengths? Then you can spend more time on the tasks you excel at, you are more likely to enjoy these tasks too!

Are you an extravert or an introvert? Click here to find out!

Whatever your personality, understanding how you think will help you to plan your work around your interests and strengths, leading to a happier you and hopefully a more successful business. Jason Cornes Business Mentor & Life Coach has supported me in establishing Volunteers Network CIC and growing it beyond my wildest dreams. If you want further information on the support he can offer you please visit his website or email him directly at He will help you to explore your personality further and grow your idea.
If you want practical help and support then join our Social Enterprise Growth Hub where we can offer you free training and networking opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to grow your enterprise!
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Helen Burton
Managing Director – Volunteers Network CIC