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Social Media is a great way to promote your social enterprise as it is quick, easy and FREE (unless you choose to pay for extra promotion). You can use it to tell your story, share news, promote your project, connect with your supporters, service users and also to fundraise.


A Facebook page is a great way to create a public profile for your organisation and let people know what is happening in your project.
A Facebook group is a space you can create online for people to come together and discuss a certain topic. You can choose whether to make a group public or keep it private. An example of this is the Eastbourne Community group.

You definitely need a page for your project, and for certain topics a group might be a good idea too but don’t overdo it, managing Facebook groups can take up a lot of your time! Sometimes it’s better to join other relevant Facebook groups that you can share posts from your page to.

Don’t just create a post and leave it on your page, whenever possible share it to other groups to extend its reach. Things move fast on social media but to get you started here is a list of local Facebook groups that you can share your posts to:

Facebook Groups in East Sussex


A Twitter profile is another free way of promoting your project. Once you have created your profile, tweet regularly and follow the accounts of other other relevant organisations, retweeting other people’s posts too. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your Tweets to help other people looking for Tweets with your location and topic/s.

Once you are up and running on Twitter increase your audience by joining in a chat hour such as Charityhour or Sussexhour.


Instagram is a platform that uses images, hashtags and brief text to get your message across.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Social media can be such a great way to build your brand that its a good idea to develop a social media strategy, identifying what you want to get out of your social media profiles and how best to achieve your goals.
You can find some great advice to get you started here: The Charity Social Media Toolkit

If you are based in East Sussex we recommend Ditzy Media who can help you to establish your social media platforms, ensure you are getting the most out of them and help to create your bespoke social media strategy. They can even create your posts for you!

By downloading the guides below you can get more comprehensive information about managing your social media accounts and getting the most from them (the guides are kindly provided to help your social venture by Ditzy Media who retain the copyright):

2018 Guide to Facebook Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to Twitter Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to Instagram Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to LinkedIn Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to Chat Hours Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to Facebook Ads Ditzy Media Ltd

2018 Guide to Facebook Ads Part 2 Ditzy Media Ltd

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