Complaints Procedure

If you, as a volunteer, feel unhappy about any aspect of your role, we would like you to inform us as soon as possible, so that we can ensure the smooth running of Volunteers Network CIC and the well-being of our volunteers and clients.

Volunteers Network CIC aims to provide a high-quality service to individuals and organisations but recognises there may be occasions when the users of our service feel that the quality or level of service received has been less than they could reasonably expect. Responding to complaints, comments and compliments is part of providing a high-quality service.

Informal Complaints

If a comment is made about the service, which indicates dissatisfaction, it will be dealt with as an informal complaint. If the matter is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction they will be advised to make a formal complaint.

Formal Complaint

Anybody wishing to make a formal complaint will be encouraged to do so by putting it in writing. The Project Coordinator will formally acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 7 days.

Volunteers Network CIC will advise the complainant as to how their complaint will be dealt with, i.e. what will happen, who will investigate and the likely timescale; and will ask and record what the complainant is able to say they want to happen as a result of their complaint. We will investigate the circumstances of the complaint promptly. If the complaint concerns the behaviour of an employee or volunteer from Volunteers Network CIC then that worker will be informed of the complaint against them at the earliest possible stage.

On completion of its investigation we will produce a report setting out its findings and any recommendations for action. Where necessary we will seek clarification whether personnel are willing / able to implement the action recommended.

Volunteers Network CIC will notify the complainant, or their representative, of the results of the investigation clearly and simply, and give reasons for their decision within a reasonable time. If this is not within 21 days of the complaint being made then we will give an explanation for the delay.
During the course of investigation into any complaint all matters relating to it will be treated in a confidential manner and will be discussed only with those immediately concerned.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the results of the enquiry or the proposed resolution of their complaint they will be advised that the matter can be referred to a Review Panel for adjudication. The panel will comprise three persons, including at least one independent from Volunteers Network CIC. The complainant will have the right (if they so wish), to put their case in person, or via their representative, to the panel. The Panel will review all the circumstances and their recommendation will be recorded in writing within 24 hours of completion of their deliberations and sent to theVolunteers Network CIC. We will respond to the recommendation of the Panel and make its resulting action/ decision known to the complainant within 21 days.

Volunteers Network CIC will keep a written record and monitor all formal complaints received. This record will include the nature of complaints, time taken to respond, action taken and outcomes. Outcomes will be monitored in terms of user satisfaction and implications for future service delivery and training. The data will be anonymised in line with GDPR.

Volunteers Network CIC Directors will receive regular reports on complaints received and processed, and will undertake an annual review of working procedures to ensure the introduction of any beneficial changes indicated by complaints investigation and resolution.

Letting Volunteers Go

If volunteers are required to leave due to actions that contravene the aims of the project, a clear procedure is in place. A copy of our Letting Volunteers Go Procedure is available at the Eastbourne Volunteers office or on the website.

We would prefer that volunteers discuss any difficulty they may have with the Project Coordinator as soon as they arise. The Project Coordinator Helen Burton can be contacted by emailing, please mark the subject line for attn. Helen Burton.

Implementation and Quality Assurance

Implementation is immediate and this Policy shall stay in force until any alterations are formally agreed by Directors. This Policy will be reviewed annually by the Directors, sooner if legislation, best practice or other circumstances indicate this is necessary.

All aspects of this Policy shall be open to review at any time. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of this policy please contact Helen Burton, Director on 01323 381811 or

Latest version updated 05/04/18