accessibility statement

Volunteers Network CIC is aiming at best practice with regard to making our projects accessible to all.

In order to make the newspaper more accessible to people with a sight impairment we are using a clear serif body font, set 2.6pts ‘above the norm’ for mainstrem broadsheet newspapers and spacing paragraph lead ins, pull quotes and other elements at 18-24pt to enable statements and stories to be both visible and clear beyond the norm. The colour palette utilsed for images is distinct and works with a contrast range established for digital print. The approach adds emphasis to figures and buildings and scenery by working within a specific range of colour parameters and contrasts.

We aim to ensure all of the venues we operate from are accessible to all.

Web Platform
The technical team behind the website also worked to develop the Disability News Service online, with the 2nd iteration of the platform (project completed late 2015). The platform now has both visual and aural tools operating on the site with regard to accessibility. The platform is the only independent disability news agency in the UK online and enjoys up to 20,000 page views a day.

We are following the same development path. Our first tool implemented is the pro zoom tool. We hope eventually that we will approach best practice, and we believe we have made a good start in that process, for example by minimizing the use of graphics and photos, and providing descriptions of those images we do use.

Visitors that want to increase the text size can use the pro zoom tool which has a wide range of increments, and – once set – carry the settings to other pages, as well as remembering the settings for future visits.

There are lots of ways that you can make browsing this and other sites more accessible. My Web My Way (developed with the disability charity AbilityNet) provides accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability. There you will find lots of ways you can make browsing on this and other sites more accessible. Whilst the page is now archived we believe that the online factsheet remains the best guide to practice on the web in relation to accessibility.