Beacons at the Devonshire Park Theatre


Julie sells ice cream on the cliffs at Beachy Head whatever the weather and searches for love to fill the void. Regular customer Bernard walks the clifftops but can’t ever seem to settle and sixteen-year old Skye arrives for the summer, the lives of all three become unexpectedly entangled. As the summer season draws to a close and autumn lumbers over the horizon it brings questions; why has Skye not returned home, why is Julie single and why does Bernard wander still?

The production, which has been created by Phil&Ben Productions and Eastbourne Theatres especially for the Devonshire Park, is a highlight in the spring season for drama fans, set under the starlight South Downs with our town as the backdrop. Beacon’s enjoyed a successful run at The Park in London which left audiences and critics unanimous in praise so the producers were keen to bring a brand new production it to its theatrical spiritual home being the closest theatre to the iconic setting.

I can see why the play has been so popular as it really leaves an impact, highlighting how there is so much more to people than what we see on the surface. Secrets and hidden depths unfold as the play progresses, and it will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings in equal measure.

The characters are loveable and believable and the fact it is set in our town makes this play all the more special. A word of caution though, this play will make you crave ice cream. Luckily the Devonshire Park Theatre volunteers have a plentiful stock to keep you happy, the show is on for two more nights so don’t miss out and book your tickets now!

Beacons is at the Devonshire Park Theatre until Wednesday 4 March with nightly performances at 7.45pm and Wednesday 2.30pm matinee. Tickets priced at £19.50 with concessions available including Under 25’s £10, students and under 16’s £9. To book call the box office on 01323 412000 or online which now gives the option to print-tickets-at-home.


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